Monday, September 21, 2009


life continues to give me little business lessons and insights into the "real" world.... whatever that means....
... it's not about you
... take care of people
... enjoy what you do every day, or don't do it
.... have uncompromising standards
... did i mention, take care of people?... all of the people involved in your life
.. smile :)
... a little air guitar never hurt anyone
... take risks
... it's not about you... all the time....

i'll elaborate soon!

peace, love and foie gras!

(That's a "wild" oyster btw)

(brian... ya like the labeling? HA!)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A reunion of sorts....

It started with a chat on Facebook.

Sara stated that she was going to be in San Diego and she wanted to get together and podcast. I was excited to once again to be sitting in the studio with all three members of the "PBR Project." It was a good time sharing thoughts, ideas and just general conversation with Sara and Brain. The result of our time together that day can be found HERE.

Sara, we (Brian and I ) wish you nothing but continued success and good times on your adventure....

So the new season of "The PBR Project" is here. Stay tuned and as always thanks for listening.....