Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hello Old Friend....

It has been a while.  I truly don't know where the times goes.  A lot has happened since I have last posted here... I am not even going to try and put down all that happened the last three years.  I can only say it has been a wild and crazy ride. 

I am once again  in the mood to document things that are going on with me and my life in and out of the kitchen and soooo as I sit here punching away on the keyboard, I can honestly say that I have every intention of posting here at least once a week.  But I will not beat myself up if i don't. 

I will also try to get Rupert to become active again and have him share what is going on in his world as as well. 

Yes I know that this post is short, but at least I got something posted

so from my kitchen to yours.....

Eat well... Be well