Monday, April 6, 2009


Why is it so fucking hard to find a bakery in San Diego that delivers a consistent product?!?   I currently work at a sandwich shop in Pacific Beach (we serve ridiculously tasty sandwiches by the way) and we've 'fired' several bakeries since we've opened... and all for the same issues.  When the sales rep comes by and shows us their product it is perfect.  The taste is right on, the size and shape are exactly what we are looking for... however, once we start receiving the product on a regular basis the quality and consistency are lost.  Some bread is lopsided, has flour pockets, is 2oz instead of 4oz... (over half of today's order, in fact, was way too small for me to use).  And then when you try to get things fixed and get the product you expected to get in the first place you get excuses... "the delivery guy must have given you the wrong order?...", "well, they must be packaging it wrong..."  I don't want or need to hear the excuses, or the guy trying to "explain"  why it is so fucking hard to deliver the bread I sampled in the first place.  I just want it fixed.  I want the bread I ordered, sampled, approved of...  I know that there are thousands of variables in this business, but if you are going to provide a product or service, make sure it is what you said it would be every time.  Train your people to have pride in what they do.  Train them to understand that your customers expect consistency (if that doesn't work make them understand that their paycheck depends it)....  maybe it's the beach, or the sun...  who knows... just give me what i ordered!

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