Thursday, March 12, 2009


Let me just say that having a garden is a butt load of work.  It truly makes you appreciate what Farmers and most notably  Organic Farmers do.  First there is getting the soil and plot ready and then there is the planting and starting of plants.  All very labor intensive work.  You have to water it everyday and do weed abatement by hand (no chemicals allowed).  It is truly back breaking work I tell you and keep this in mind my little garden is only 10'x12'.  I cannot even begin to comprehend the work that goes into a organic farm that produces enough stuff to sell to a) a farmer's market b) restaurants or both.  There is a shit ton of planning and organization involved I am sure.  Hell my little garden spot took about a week of planning and figuring out what to grow and when to plant. And then there is trying to figure out which are good bugs and bad bugs and what bugs eat what bugs... man-o-man.  Maybe it is just easier for me to  go to the farmer market and get what I want but then who said that life is suppose to be easy..

I  like working in my garden (it is somewhat therapeutic)  and got super excited when  my Mesclun (gourmet green mixture) started poking through the soil.  (soil is what you pant and grow stuff in, dirt is what gets under your finger nails)  It fills you with a sense of accomplishment .  I can only guess as to  how I will feel when I start picking the  produce and actually eating what I have grown.

So to all you farmers out there I raise a toast to you and all that you do... remember without farmers there would not be any food.

So get out there and plant a garden so you can eat fresh local produce and  if you can't do that then support your local farmers and Farmer's Market.

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