Tuesday, March 10, 2009

an Introduction...

This is who we are:

a group of chefs with ideas and ruminations on food and all things related.

This is what we do:

get together at least once a week to discuss various projects that we are each working on in our respective kitchens/ideas about food in general, musings on current food trends, and un-ironically embrace the celebration of PBR Tuesdays (if we have to explain, you wouldn't understand!).

This is why we do:

we used to work together, but no longer do. in an effort to keep in touch with one another and to facilitate a more intellectual forum apart from our kitchens (because lets face it–dick jokes are good, but you can't survive on dick alone...) we decided that we would start this up so we can share with each other more than once a week and hopefully add some insight for anybody else who is interested in this profession.

1 comment:

  1. fo sho! bummed that i missed out on the PBR madness... the interview went well... i have to go to Seattle to meet the owner and captain of the yacht.... and we shall see where things go from there.... and yes...it is true ... one cannot survive on dick alone!